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Writing develops clarity

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Dec 20, 2023

Use writing to develop clarity in your thoughts.


Welcome back to DB Digital. Re-launching this newsletter has been a goal of mine. I am happy to squeeze it in just time time before the end of the year. Let's dive in;

  1. Digital Strategy βž” The first tenant of my Simple Digital Strategy is to publish content. However, even if you do not intend to publish, writing is a valuable excercise. Use writing to develop clarity in your thoughts. You can use writing to hone in on an idea, develop new ideas, or clear a writing block. You don't need to structure your writing session. Simply commit to writing non-stop for 2 minutes. Use a pen and a notepad. Set a timer and see what happens. Scratchy scribbles or neat printing, the choice is yours.
  2. Product Development βž” Agile is a project delivery and product development methodology. In recents years it has gotten a bad wrap with excess propagana-like fanaticism and lack of pragmatism. Its flexible intent became rigidly inflexible over time. Lack of delivery and lack of trust ensued. It is worth stating that you don't need "Agile" in order to be agile - agile doesn't need a big A.
  3. Personal Improvement βž” Some housekeeping. How many domain names did you buy ths year? Use this as your remidner to review your domain name portfolio and un-check the auto renew option for what you do not need to keep. It's ok not to act on ideas, but it's not OK to keep the clutter. Domain names are rarely worth more than the purchase price these day. With the advent of all the top level domains these days, you can always find something else if you change your mind.

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