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Published 15 days ago • 1 min read

Hi Reader,

Previously this newsletter covered digital strategy, product development, and personal improvement. The most popular topics were related to personal improvement.

In December, due to the nature of my position and industry contacts, several people contacted me seeking career advice. In January, I advised 12 more people on their careers. Since February I have helped more than 50 people. It is a very fulfilling activity.

This newsletter now focuses on career topics. I hope you stick around.


Elevate Your Resume

I see a lot of resumes. Not just glancing at them like a recruitment agent or a hiring manager to decide on whether I want to speak to them, but studying them and learning why some succeed and others don't.

Most resumes are bad.

If your resume describes what the company did and or what you did, you're going to struggle to get an interview.

If your resume has that, and some highlights, you're just like most people.

A bit more effort makes a big difference.

Describe what you did, and also describe the impact of what you did. A cheat for this is to test it by adding "which resulted in" to the end of a statement. If you can add the result, keep it - that's now an impactful statement. Next, in that result, can you put a quantifiable measurement in it? If so, add it, now you have an impactful statement with a quantifiable result. A compelling piece of information for a hiring manager.

For example;

Old: "Responsible for customer service at XYZ Company."

New: "Implemented new customer service procedures resulting in a 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores within three months, and reduced customer complaints by 15% through personalised problem-solving strategies."

Give it a go on your resume. Nobody likes doing it, but it's your career, you should put the effort in to represent yourself in a way that is going to work towards your career goals.

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