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Published 2 months ago • 1 min read

Publish content. You already know about your field of expertise. So write about that.

I promote a Simple Digital Strategy.

Refined over decades of working in technology in media, publishing and entertainment, I promote the key components that every business can achieve through focus, discipline and commitment.

The three critical components are;

  1. Publish content.
  2. Grow audience.
  3. Acquire customers.


Every person and their doggo has a course to sell. The courses I'm referring to are rarely a hefty investment, but they set you on your way. Most of the courses provide value and are probably worth it.

So why do so many who buy the courses fail?

Lack of focus, discipline and commitment.

Lack focus leads to lack of discipline leads to lack of commitment, then failure.

The trouble is, a mis-alignment between the business activity and the digital strategy. The strategy is forcing tactics that are extra work.

The focus on the wrong thing.

The solution is simple.

Retain the focus on your core business, and write about what's happening in your business.

We don't need a full digital transformation to keep momentum. Publish some photos about a project in progress. Publish a simple tip or fact.

If you're beyond the Simple Digital Strategy, you might like to find out about my Advanced 12-Step Digital Strategy Outline.

As always, freel free DM me to tell me about your business or your digital strategy. I'd love to hear about it.

Simple Digital Strategy

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